1 Samuel

1 Samuel

Author:   Unknown (see below)

Chap 1 to 5:5   – Division and Intrigue

Chap 5:6 to 9:13 – David’s kingship – its accomplishments and glory

Chap 10-20          – David’s kingship – its weaknesses and failures

Chap 21-24          – Final reflections on David’s reign


THE STORY of 1st   Samuel

SAUL is killed by passing Amalekite – Jonathon also killed

Reported to David by the Amalekite –expecting reward instead he got what he deserved! (The bearer of bad news! – Kill the messenger!)

DAVID inquires of the LORD – crucial moment as Abner tries to set up Ishbosheth (Saul’s son) as king –

David made king in Hebron (see map on ppt) – ‘Judah’

Ishbosheth made king in Israel


Abner ‘disrespects’ Ishbosheth by going to Saul’s widowed concubine

Confrontation between Ishbosheth and Abner, Abner defects to David

Joab, David’s closest leader in his Army is ticked because David decides to trust Abner and elevates him above Joab


1 Samuel


Joab – a ‘nephew’ of David’s by a half sister

Joab took Abner aside and gained retribution against him for the killing of Joab’s brother Asahel. BUT…  Joab did it in Hebron which was one of the “cities of refuge” set up by Joshua so many years before. David issued a curse against Joab and his progeny which brought David anguish because Joab was the son of his half- sister (a nephew of David)

MEANWHILE – Back in Israel…

            Ishbosheth is weak and indecisive after Abner leaves

Two Benjaminites, Baanah and Recalb (Captains in Ishbosheth’s own army but also assassin traitors) found Ishbosheth asleep during midday rest and stabbed him with a dagger in the belly just as Abner had died.

Seeking reward, the assassins bring Ishbosheth head to David. Remember what happens to bearers of news the King does not like?  They were killed; arms and legs cut off and hung in the public square as an example.


Saul’s grandson (Jonathon’s son) cared for by a nanny. He was 5 when news came that Saul and Jonathon were dead. In fear the nurse fled with the child but accidentally dropped him leaving him lame in his hands and feet.

1 Samuel


DAVID made KING of ALL ISRAEL He is 30 years old and reigns 40 years

Continually cares for Mephibosheth – gives him a place to live, servants to tend his fields and he ‘never ceased to eat at the king’s table’

Mt. Zion – The City of David and the Jebusite city Mt. Ophel

David had promised a Command in Chief spot to whomever could find a way to assault and enter the Jebusite City, which Joab did through the sinnor (watershaft) 2 Sam 5:8 which led from the water outside the city to the reservoirs inside the city.

City of David just West of the city walls of Jerusalem… David conquered the Jebusite stronghold on Jerusalem and merged the two cities.

DAVID returned the Ark to Jerusalem

            Chap 10 – Ammonite ruler shames messengers from David. Ammonites          and Arameans brought under control of David eventually

Chap 11 David’s sin with Bathsheba, Uriah’s wife, eventually David told  Joab to put Uriah in the line of fire at a continuing battle with the Ammonites.

God took the life of the child.





1 Samuel       However, Solomon was born of Bathsheba and became king.

David’s children and the curse God gave concerning the sword not leaving his family.

Amnon’s rape of his half-sister, Tamar. Absalom’s murder of Amnon to revenge his sister’s rape.

David is compelled to show mercy on Absalom and exile him rather than kill him for the murder and eventually it would bite him back as Absalom tried to take his throne.

Eventually a fierce battle between Absalom’s forces and David’s led by Joab was carried on in the Forest of Ephraim which was bleak and dangerous. As many or more were killed from the elements as in the battle. Absalom trying to escape by mule got himself hung up in the branches of a tree. A soldier of David’s found him and followed the King’s command not to harm him. Joab however struck him with three javelins and then surrounding officers beat him to a pulp to make sure he had died. King David will not let the army celebrate because of his sadness over his son Absalom.

Joab rebukes the King. When David gets his kingdom back, Joab is replaced by Amasa because Joab had been in disagreement publicly with the King too many times.  Joab and Amasa are cousins – cousins of another’s mother!

Joab feigns affection and hugs Amasa, killing him with a dagger and throwing him down in the street where the army passes by. David ignores it and keeps Joab….







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