VOYAGE of the Starship Genesis Two Seven

Passenger Log                       Star-date 25 Novembers 2022

Not Alone

Greetings fellow travelers…    I believe that was a line from an opening of The Night Gallery with Rod Serling many ‘moons’’ ago (Pun intended!) We will get back to the story behind that photo for the Genesis 2:7 Voyage. First though it is time to celebrate Thanksgiving! Isn’t it incredible the speed at which this year has flown past? Many people I know are very happy to see this year fade soon into the history books and begin again. Congratulations to those elected this past election day. Our prayers are with them as they begin their service in a new role or another term to continue the service they have been performing. I think it is truly important we hold these men and women in our prayers. Their jobs are not easy ones. Our nation, our states, and our communities  need  godly leaders who view our world through a biblical lens and fulfill their roles justly. My voyage has allowed me to see the importance of these leaders who are setting the stage for our children’s tomorrows. We have entrusted to them the future and I believe we need to ask our God who holds and shapes those futures to be with them in every decision.

Thanksgiving – the giving of thanks our appropriate response…

A brief note about the Riggs Family Thanksgiving held here today for this corner of the much larger Riggs Family Tree! (Ours is the one with most the nuts in it!) This is to be the last Thanksgiving in this house after almost thirty years of Thanksgivings. By springtime this house will be on the block and be sold. Most of the stuff will be auctioned and will be officially ‘downsized’! Major changes in life come in all forms and such change is  part of the voyage.

30 years ago this photo would have had just Ross, Karin, Heidi, Suzanne, and Sarah… Ross’ Parents Ralph & Glyndyne Riggs and Karin’s Mom Ruth, with Inga, Skeeter and Taylor King  From ten to twenty-eight!

In the photo – Far left Front to Back

Aaron Snyder, Paula Hernandez, Inga King, Nathan Booth, Scarlett Smith, Annabelle Snyder, Fiona DeVore, Audra Booth, Emelia Smith, Ross, Allyson Snyder, Trevor…… back to camera Rhett Smith, Sarah Smith, Taylor King, Cyd DeVore, Dave Snyder, Suzanne Snyder, Leland Riggs, Wesley Riggs, Daniel Riggs, Sarah Riggs with Everly Riggs, Lona DeVore, Andy DeVore, Nick Booth, Heidi Booth (Not pictured Karin Riggs)


David, King of Israel had a very exciting life with many blessings from God during his military career and as the leader of his people. Even with his failures, God called him a man after God’s own heart. Can you think of anything you would long for God to call you more gracious than that? A favorite Psalm of mine I reprint for you here because it fits directly with where my heart is in these last weeks.  

Not Alone: Test Results and a Glass Half Full

Because of medicine changes and on again off again steroids, Dr. N has been keeping a close eye on everything and about two weeks ago I had another PFT, pulmonary function test. My lung capacity is at 66% and my pulmonary function (the ability to move good air into the lungs and eliminate the bad air) is at 62%. These are both down from the last tests and down from last November specifically. I may have those numbers slightly off but no matter you get the gist.

One of the great things about Dr. N is his unrelenting optimism. He doesn’t sugar coat and he calls it like it is but he will always inject something like what he said to me this last time… ‘Yes both the numbers are down but they aren’t as far down as they could be so they aren’t declining as fast as they might…’  So, I take that as good news and thank God for that!

We have to have three consecutive tests to determine a pattern for what to expect in the year ahead… so this is test 1 of that series (the previous ones aren’t used because of the medicine changes during that time).

There were times in these past weeks where I felt very much alone, like the astronaut in the photo. I know during those times that usually the mood swings are due to the changes they are making in the steroids. I also know intuitively I am not alone. Your notes, your calls and your felt prayers help me greatly. Those who text me sometimes every day, your encouragement is so great! I hope the mood swings will subside as I come off the steroids here in the next few weeks. If they don’t then I know for certain I will have a doghouse in the back yard made available to me to stay in!

Another Test

This coming Wednesday I have a sleep study. I will try to prepare for that and make sure I take my Goofy doll and my Coca-Cola blanket both of which are provided by my grandchildren!!! I don’t expect any great revelations that is just to confirm what we already know intuitively. Probably there is a C-PAP in my future.  

I’ve Fallen

I want to thank everyone for your prayers from my recent trip to the ER. I had been feeling poorly all day one day last week. It was as if I was just getting weaker as the day progressed. I went to the Y to get some hot tub time in and when I came out, even with my O2 on but by the time I got to my truck my O2 saturation was down in the 70’s. I got home and made it to the bed but I walked past my in home O2 and failed to pick it up. When I felt strong enough I went to go get it and coming back out of the kitchen I got really dizzy the room began to spin and I fell against the wall with my shoulder. No damage to the wall or my shoulder. I got my bearings and pushed off against the wall to go to the bedroom and immediately the room was spinning and I was face down on the carpet. My phone, of course, was in the bedroom. Thankfully a few weeks ago I began carrying the Life Protect button (yes, yes I know the commercial and I’ve heard all the jokes) This button will pick up anywhere in the world. I hit it and after a coupe of seconds with a computer put me with a live operator who called the squad and then my family and she stayed with me on the line until the paramedics were with me. Long story short, dehydration, medication and some other things took me down. Thankfully no COVID and nothing more serious.     

Merry Christmas –

In case my next Voyage is not out BEFORE and I pray for all of you that God bless you greatly in the coming year. Please pray for  God’s will for me and the family in the year ahead. Uphold the family and those closest to me. Often times I believe their battle is harder than mine.

Love & Prayers


Author: docriggs

I am so very blessed. My life goal continues to be a Christ-follower in every way. Of course, my family provides so much support and special people such a M have been huge in bringing my spirits where I can fight!I have over 45 years experience internationally with crisis intervention, law enforcement and military experience, contingency planning and security consulting. I began battling a terminal illness, Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis in February 2021. I’m chronicling my adventure on here through the page titled Voyages of the Starship GENESIS Two Seven. Come on board!

One thought on “VOYAGE of the Starship Genesis Two Seven”

  1. Hi Ross. Thanks for the VOYAGE update. This is a wonderful way for you to keep in contact with the 1000’s of people you have met in your lifetime. I do remember you in prayer, Ross, and even though we have only met in person 2 or three times, I feel as though I have known you all my life.

    I am 81 years of age now and in relatively good health. I am particularly active in a music ministry to seniors in nursing homes and keeping fit by playing golf and walking during the off season. I am so happy that Brad & Bethany are in Georgia now and they are being blessed by their daughter.

    God Bless you, brother!

    73 de Don

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