NEW from Doc and Westbow Press


DUE OUT this CHRISTMAS – The winter read for a suspenseful time. Will the crazed murderer be caught before it is too late for Sgt. Mac and his lovely wife? Will the FBI agent known as ‘E’ understand her connection to the killer? Will the nighttime terrors afflicting the BCI Agent ever get their way?

Find this and more in this new thriller based in a small NE Ohio town. The community has no idea how the spooky old mansion, the source for many ghost stories over the years might provide not only true mystery but international intrigue!

WATCH THIS SITE FOR RELEASE INFORMATION                                                                                        

7 thoughts on “NEW from Doc and Westbow Press”

  1. Just found you while searching for comments on ‘ineptocracy’.
    Please put me on your mailing list at e-mail address below.
    John Burton

  2. Very inspirational Ross. Reading my Bible is the first thing I do every morning it is so important to me. My husband and I sit together and read and discuss what we come to that sticks out in the scriptures. Sometimes things jump right off the page at you. God works in wondrous ways. He is coming soon.

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