NEW from Doc and Westbow Press


AVAILABLE NOW at your favorite bookstore or on-line!! – A great read for a suspenseful time. 

A crime scene in a small town brings together a Christian cop, two veteran forensic investigators, and a police chaplain. One of the investigators is battling his own internal spiritual warfare from horrific crime scenes of his past. This seemingly impossible challenge brings this quartet face to face with evil as they try to stop a sociopathic homicidal maniac with ties to the small town before he kills again. Their investigation helps them understand God’s ways in dealing with evil and bringing justice to what is an overwhelming injustice. Lives hanging in the balance to the very end, international intrigue, and the dogged determination of the investigators entice the reader on to each next page.

Available at,, and more on-line and other favorite bookstores! 

A portion of the proceeds will benefit Legacy of Honor http://www.honorthelegacy.organ organization to assist active military, veterans, first responders, and their families!!!                                                                                     


7 thoughts on “NEW from Doc and Westbow Press”

  1. Just found you while searching for comments on ‘ineptocracy’.
    Please put me on your mailing list at e-mail address below.
    John Burton

  2. Very inspirational Ross. Reading my Bible is the first thing I do every morning it is so important to me. My husband and I sit together and read and discuss what we come to that sticks out in the scriptures. Sometimes things jump right off the page at you. God works in wondrous ways. He is coming soon.

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