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Studying the Whole Bible for Applying God’s Word in My Daily Life
Author: Gideon (?)
THE STORY of RUTH a love story
THE STORY of RUTH a love story    God’s Sovereignty

God’s Loving Care of His Own (widows who are widows indeed)
God’s Sovereign Plan to seat Christ through David
1. The timing of the story of Ruth
a. In the Days the Judges Ruled
b. Time of Gideon around 1162 B.C.
2. Major Themes
a. Elimilech flees Israel during punishing famine
b. Widowed in Moab~Naomi returns to Bethlehem
i. Mahlon and Chilion also die after marrying
ii. Ruth & Orpah are widows with Naomi
1. “intreat me not to leave thee…” 1:16-18
2. Wonderful statement of commitment “…and thy God shall be my God”
c. Ruth and Boaz marry have a son Obed
d. Obed is the grandfather of a boy named David
3. Biblical Principle Application
a. God uses every act of His for the welfare of His people and the completion of His plan
b. God is sovereign and will not be mocked

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