Bully on the Block

We still have the finest military in the world and America is great even with some real pieces of work sitting in positions of authority in Congress!

The BULLY in the HOOD who NANCY loves!

Apparently, it is not just Nancy!

Nancy new math and a new Non-Bully for Ali Zone

If you’re in Congress and consider yourself a “progressive – D” or just a “good ‘ol – D” then you are responsible for the bully in the neighborhood who loves to not just beat up but has sworn to kill as many Americans as possible and has threatened to kill the President of the United States! This same bully has openly declared war on the United States, it appears his military shot down an unarmed Ukrainian passenger plane killing everyone on board and now appears to have hidden or destroyed the black box from the wreckage. You, if you are a progressive liberal ‘D’ know this bully, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and you apparently also see him like Nancy Pelosi sees him… Yes, you see him as a super-hero! I can hear Nancy droning on…

 “Oh, of course all of those things they do are baaaad,” she might say. “But the bully gives us leverage to use against a president we hate and that makes this bully goooood!”

AND then came the TV version of Bachelor Bully…

GAMESHOW HOST: “Okay, Robin, it’s time to meet our next bully bachelor (or a married guy whose religion says he can have as many wives as he wants – even if they are still in elementary school…) Let’s bring him out, now, straight from the carnage of a civilian airline crash caused by his military, here he is, that tough guy of Tehran… Ali – ‘Come on inee!

According to RedWire News and USA Today

The camera scans the audience to show Nancy Pelosi in rapt attention as Ali, who she wants to be her ‘Ali-baabaa’ strolls majestically to the podium by our host. (A black box of some size can be seen hidden in his robe… go to commercial to fix the robe!)

Back in the 8th District of California, Nancy’s handlers are rapidly struggling to find a way to smooth out the erasure marks on the red line drawn across “No Bullies in Our Communities” posters and hiding the posters with the photo op of Nancy: “Vacation in Iran – Air fare is at its cheapest and lodging for Americans is paid for by the government!” The poster also promises a chance for a trip from Tehran to Bagdad to view the American Embassy at your leisure!

Okay, a little tongue-in-cheek sarcasm designed to abate my anger for a few minutes while I try to pen something not frothing across the page.

If there are any U.S. veterans or current military personnel out there not completely livid with the actions of this Congress, I have got to hear from you. Right now, as I sit in my warm home, in a comfortable chair, the streets outside safe and quiet thanks to all of the cops whose efforts we mark annually as we did recently with a Day of Appreciation. I have no fear tonight of an air to ground missile or a long-range ICBM landing in my horse barn because our American military is on the job. They are standing their watch and all is secure.

But about a dozen or so time zones away, young American soldiers, volunteers every single one of them, is waiting for the next shell burst and loud whistling noise of incoming missiles and they have no idea what might wait just past the concertina wire. I snuggle in next to my wife tonight. They hunker down with their M-16 while people like Nancy Pelosi and the self-aggrandizing, liberal pantywaists are arguing about whether these young soldiers’ Commander in Chief can give them the green light to protect themselves! How dare they!

Yes, our Constitution requires the civilian oversight of the military and for good reason. That civilian is our Commander in Chief. There are millions of Americans, civilians – mostly veterans, who would jump on a plane tonight, if they could, to stand shoulder to shoulder with their brothers and sisters in arms. We want nothing to do with the Progressive Pablum suckers who have kowtowed to Khamenei and his like, groveling like Obama did before the Saudi royalty. It’s enough to make me retch.

Bullies worldwide need to know that America will not kowtow to them or to the leftest, socialists who think they control the school-yard and the White House.

I look across the Middle East and I have to ask myself, who has allowed this 3rd world upstart of a country to gain such bully status? Although it is the second largest country in the Middle East, it is barely larger in square miles than our single state of Alaska! Its population is roughly similar to that of Germany whose unemployment rate is 3.3% while Iran’s is over 12%. Iran’s GDP is $458.5 Billion and Germany’s is $3.86 Trillion.

Iran has permitted the likes of the Taliban, ISIS, and al Qaeda while building a nuclear capability allied with North Korea, Russia and China. I personally don’t believe any of those allies would truly push for a hot war with the U.S. The leaders of those nations may be nuts but they’re not crazy.

Inside sources indicate over 1,500 Iranians have been killed and more than 7,000 incarcerated for protesting or other signs of dissent from Soleimani or the Tehran government.

Here is where we find ourselves on 12 January 2020…

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Wednesday that ballistic missile attacks targeting U.S. military and coalition forces in Iraq Wednesday morning were “a slap in the face” to the United States.

Khamenei said the U.S. should leave the region, adding, “Military action like this is not sufficient. What is important is ending the corrupting presence of America in the region,” Reuters reported.

15 Missiles fired into Iraq at US/Iraqi Military Bases January 10, 2020

Video also appears to indicate that Iranian forces shot down the Ukrainian 737 airline, a passenger flight on 8 January immediately after its takeoff killing all 176 on board.

Intelligence sources indicate that Iran air defense radar locked onto the aircraft minutes after takeoff and fired two SA-15 surface to air missiles. Iran first refused to give up the black box from the airliner and later said to reporters that it had been lost. A short clip of that video is available at: https://youtu.be/7npI8InUVDQ

Iranian Government Faces Internal Pressure

The BBC reports that unrest in Iran is mounting following the admission of the horrific downing of the Ukrainian airliner, a ‘mistake’ by the Iran military, according to officials.  

One large departure from the U.S. news media and Congress has to do with Soleimani. Among Congressional Democrats, there seems as much cooing over Ali as there was for Soleimani but it seems, now weeks later, the people of Iran aren’t quite in step with the US news outlets and Congress who want to throw laurels on Soleimani’s grave, it’s more like invectives (if not incendiaries)!

In Tehran, large demonstrations have continued to occur. The one pictured below, the demonstrators are chanting that Soleimani is a murderer! Reports indicate he was quick to imprison or kill any who disagreed with his policies. Unlike the Democrats who seem to vindicate their actions against President Trump’s war powers by claiming he abused power by ordering the killing of Soleimani, U.S. Representative, Tom Cotton, (R) Arkansas and a veteran of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan said on the 12th, Soleimani was plotting “something large… something very dangerous” and he was “a sadistic terrorist mastermind and there is no country in the Middle East whose citizens have not suffered from his depredations.” He wrote of having received 1000’s of emails complaining of being forced to attend pro-government demonstrations over Soleimani.

Protestors chanting Soleimani was a murderer ignites in Tehran

According to The Guardian, Dominic Raah claims that Iran has “pariah status” after the arrest of the UK Foreign Minister on charges of inciting protestors and CNN reports Iran’s sole female Olympic medalist Kimia Alizadeh announced that she has permanently left her country for Europe.

Kimia Alizadeh Zenoorin, of Iran, celebrates after winning a bronze medal in women’s 57-kg taekwondo competition at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Thursday, Aug. 18, 2016. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty)

IRAN – the BULLY in the neighborhood… Why?

Because we are allowing it. The ruling Ayatollah and those loyal to him are killing their own people, jailing those who object and it is morally wrong for those in Congress to hamper the legitimate efforts of our military and its Commander in Chief to do everything it can to protect the lives of American soldiers who are in harm’s way, American citizens and private individuals in Iraq and those in Iran who choose to stand against the ruling regime. The Ayatollah has vowed to pursue nuclear weapons with the only goal of striking against America and Israel. At what point will our Congress wake up rather than be ‘woke’? Remember the name of each and every Representative and Senator who has voted to keep our military from being able to defend themselves when you go next to the ballot box.

How amazing it is that Ali Khamenei and the deceased General Soleimani have more support, apparently, in the U.S. Congress than among his own people!

“I solemnly swear… I will support and defend the constitution of the united states… against all enemies foreign and domestic…that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same…so help me God.”

MBA Millennial Beautifully Astute

Just this week my lovely wife sent me a copy of a post tweeted as #Pleaseshare and it is worth the sharing. Alyssa Ahlgren, writing on an assignment, puts together some great explanation about how mistaken the Millennial view of socialism and capitalism is. Her words are great. I want to share with her though, don’t get discouraged. I have attended military graduations and the parade fields are full. The military recruits are so fortunate to be where they are and we, as Americans are so blessed to have them. The military turns away less qualified of the new recruits. Many are still excellent citizens with skills but not exactly what our military needs right now and we are in a position, we can be choosy. Our positions open in the military are often high-tech and the competition for those positions is very stiff. We still have the finest military in the world and America is great even with some real pieces of work sitting in positions of authority in Congress!

May God bless you and may God bless our fighting forces, their families and our Commander in Chief. May America bless God and may God bless America!

Can you? Should you? A consideration of Progressivism and Political Ideology

In Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, Captain Jack Sparrow explains to a young Mr. Will Turner, as the latter dangles precariously over the water astride the mainsail beam, in life there are only two things to consider. Those are, simply, what a man can do and what a man can’t do. In the movie scene, Will must decide if he can square with the idea his father was a good man and a pirate or he cannot. Each subsequent decision related to the matter would stem from his  decision.

Just prior to taking a ride on the mainsail, Will challenges Captain Jack

In an exceptional discussion of the political ideology of today’s Progressives versus the Liberal ideology of Democrats even one president past, Greg Weiner in Infinite Ideology points out the basic premise upon which each operated and now find themselves within a self-consuming paradigm of political thought. Weiner writes, “Liberals believe in the capacity of government to do good. Progressives believe that governmment’s job is to push society forward toward ever sunnier uplands.” (Weiner, 2019)

Such an ideology negates the accomplishments of the past Liberal administrations’ accomplishments for they will always be too small an attempt at what could be. It also consumes any current actions of the Progressives. Whatever a Progressive attempts today will be krill for consumption of the humpback whale of Progressive government tomorrow.

Weiner continues, “…the internal logic of progress reject limits, when progress is employed as a system of political thought or a principle of political action. It cannot respect dissent because progress is an inherent good, not a matter of dispute.” What a man can do and what a man can’t do implies limitations on what can be done and such cannot be visualized in the Progressive mindset. Where Conservatism, according to Weiner, “embodies a natural principle of limitation for one must ask what and how much to conserve.” (Weiner, 2019)  He also alludes to Daniel Patrick Moynihan as a Liberal spokesman who understood limitation because one could ask how much can government do? Such a question is not posed in the Progressive handbook.

 One Step Further

Captain Jack Sparrow

We have left Will Turner hanging on the mainsail long enough, let’s turn the ship’s wheel and bring him aboard. At this point in the movie, Captain Jack Sparrow asks young Turner, as he lays supine and breathless on the deck of the Dauntless, at the point of the Captain’s sword, Can you sail under the command of a pirate or can you not?  For the Progressives, Liberals and Conservatives there must be another subset of questions. It goes one step further than what you can do and what you can’t do.

Politicians must learn to wrestle with these questions, more critical perhaps than the first set, for Americans, as a whole, feel the tension without ever hearing or seeing it recognized. These questions are gigantic elephants in a very small room; the room in which the roles of government and bureaucracies among a people are considered. It is not just what you can do and what you cannot do… the questions are: What you should do and what you should not do.

To admit these questions exists is antithetical to each ideology, whether Liberal, Progressive or Conservative when it comes to the professional politician or the life-long bereaucrat. It reeks of restriction and limitations upon those in government. Yet, the people understand there are things with which an individual American simply does not want the government interfering. No doubt, this is best understood by the Conservatives and most loudly voiced by the far-right of Conservatism. Perhaps because it is most clearly or vociferously advocated by the far-right, many mainstream Republicans shy away from such contentious debate. They ignore such provocations at their peril.

These Americans rally behind political organizations with varying central themes, whether it is the NRA or another strong body of voters. With wagons circled over particular issues, these constituents have declared: “Enough is enough!” They will stand their ground as the politicians and bueaucrats circle relentlessly seeking to gain more and more control over individual Americans and their lives.   They have further decreed:  “This is a space where government will not act in our supposed best interest!” Americans believe they do know better and they have the Constitution on their side to give  them authority to call a halt.

No doubt, if members of the Liberal or Conservative schools would debate internally or among the schools of thought,there would be ample difference of opinion as to where the lines of what government should do and what it should not do would fall. However, the questions deserve to be asked. As Americans consider the dogma of the Progressives, who will not even allow such questions to be raised, American voters will turn enmasse away from the Progressive Kool-aid dispenser in haste.

When Progressive Is Not Progress

By trying to merge two theologies, the Progressives have lost the essence of each particularly in the dispensational theology the understanding of the Bible as being without error (in the original manuscripts) and interpreting the Bible historically, grammatically and literally.

Riggs Ministry Minute: when there’s only a minute for ministry

                         Rev. Ross L Riggs, D Min.           www.docriggs.com            03/09/2012


From the breaking out of our shell in the 1950’s and as we ‘Baby-Boomers’ (at least that is what they call us) listened to President John F. Kennedy offering a challenge that: before the end of the decade, America would land a man on the surface of the moon; we knew what progress was all about! Everything from our breakfast cereal and laundry detergent somehow was part of progress. I recall this hair drying contraption my Mom brought home. This thing had a heating unit that blew hot air through a flexible hose into a plastic shower cap worn over your hair. It would either dry your hair or cook your brain. If you recall the commercial of the egg frying, “This is your brain… ”; this contraption was designed to keep your ‘over-easy’ brain warm before there were microwaves. (I think she got it with TV-Stamps.)

There was true progress, however. America did land Neal Armstrong on the moon one historic July day. Yes, America won the ‘space race’ on President Kennedy’s calendar requirement: before the end of the decade with that July day coming in 1969. In many ways the decade of the 60’s contained a great deal of progress.

Grammatically speaking, if one is supportive of progress, he or she is progressive. Merriam-Webster writes that to be progressive is to be “characterized by progress”[i] as such is the use of the term as an adjective. There is, however, a use of the term that is characterized by the noun: progressive. Merriam-Webster defines it this way: “often capitalized, of, or relating to political Progressives.”[ii]  There is something about a noun that, when used by an individual, it seems to infer that if one calls themselves a Progressive then their views support or sustains progress. Logically, however, just because sometimes A+B=C, it is not always true A+B=D. The confusion comes when supporters of ‘D’ work very hard to present D as equal to C. Many parts of the 1960’s were presented as progressive like the free-thinking flower-children with communal living and casual open sex but it was not progress.

In order to proceed with as little confusion as possible, let’s first describe three terms: Dispensationalists, Covenant Theology, and Progressive Dispensationalists.

Dispensationalist refers to Christians who understand the inter-relationship between God and man as having been different at different times or different dispensations of time. The focus always is to reveal the glory of God. The number of dispensations may vary by one or two but for the most part, there are seven periods of time or distinctive eras wherein God related to His creation in distinct ways. One example is at the completion of the covenant with Abraham, God related to Israel through this covenant. The dispensation is called simply: PROMISE.  Promise indicates that the people lived in the hope of the promises made in the covenant relationship by God with His chosen people. (See chart[iii])


Covenant Theology speaks of two covenants rather than seven dispensations, with believers living in Old Testament times as living under the Covenant best described as Works and current believers under the ‘New Covenant’ described as Grace. The key issue between a Dispensationalist and a follower of Covenants is how they view Israel within their theology. The covenant theologian tells you that the ‘church’ (believers in Jesus Christ) has replaced Israel and is now the beneficiaries of the promises God made originally to Israel but since the nation rejected Christ, those promised blessings come to Christians under the New Covenant. The central focus is the salvation of man rather than the glory of God.

Progressive Dispensationalists diverge from Traditional Dispensationalists when they merge the ideas shown in the previous chart with the teachings of covenant theologians. Their moniker, ‘Progressive Dispensationalist’ is a noun seeking to be an adjective or perhaps it is an adjective seeking to be a noun. A ‘Progressive’ believes that Christians (the Church) has superseded Israel as the ‘chosen people of God’ because Israel rejected Christ and the Church now will receive all the blessings prophesied to Israel in the Old Testament (land acquisition, coming glory etc.) Most will say that someday Israel will be re—joined and receive some blessing but this is in eternity future. By trying to merge two theologies, the Progressives have lost the essence of each particularly in the dispensational theology the understanding of the Bible as being without error (in the original manuscripts) and interpreting the Bible historically, grammatically and literally. Although they might argue they can still interpret with those parameters this cannot be true if they see an error on the part of OT prophets who spoke of the blessings for Israel that cannot be abrogated. They also must sacrifice ‘literally’ because they are replacing Israel with Church in promises that have nothing to do with the Church. Historical interpretation falls to the wayside when biblical text referring to Christ reigning from the throne of David over the New Jerusalem is said to have already begun. To do so requires reading the New Testament back into the Old Testament to gain a ‘fuller’ meaning. Dispensationalists see this in the Millennial Kingdom. The Progressive Dispensationalist understands the Rapture of the Church to be pre-millennial or before the beginning of Christ’s 1,000 year reign on earth before a new earth is created. The timing of the rapture as it relates to the Tribulation (a seven year period of intense judgment on the earth) vacillates with some holding to ‘pre-tribulation’ others ‘mid-tribulation’ and finally, others at ‘post-tribulation.’ They see no eschatological requirement for the time of the Rapture as it relates to the Tribulation to be of any consequence. The following chart is instructive:


Although the Foundations for Freedom charts are instructive, you’ll note that this chart shows that the Progressives hold, as a group, to the pre-tribulation Rapture. That varies based on individual beliefs but overall the writings from most Progressives simply do not put much emphasis on its importance no matter when it happens. This creates problems when literally developing the message of Revelation for the Church in heaven during the tribulation on earth.


Progressive Dispensationalism has taken the adjective to underscore the link its adherents see to the progressive revelation of God, bringing together the ‘best’ of the Covenant Theology and the Dispensational Theology. When we consider progress, in this instance perhaps the best definition is “The development of an individual or society in a direction considered more beneficial than and superior to the previous level.”[v] In this case with this definition I fail to see how the creation of this new Bible study technique or this new theology moves hermeneutics in a direction more beneficial and/or superior to the previous level. Allow me to quote Dr. Charles Ryrie on Dispensationalism[vi]:

“Dispensationalism holds to a distinction between Israel and the Church.”

By merging the promises and blessings reserved for Israel, Progressive Dispensationalism blurs this distinction.

“Dispensationalism practices consistent literal interpretation of the Bible. Prophetic passages are to be interpreted like the rest of the Bible following a grammatical-historical approach.”

By reading NT texts back into the OT prophecies to cause them to say something the original author could not have intended them to say, Progressive Dispensationalism sets aside the grammatical-historical approach.

“Dispensationalism teaches that the overall purpose of biblical history is the glory of God, not the salvation of man.”

Again, by merging with Covenant Theology which focuses on the salvation of man (election) as the key to understanding God’s revelation of Himself, the Progressive Dispensationalists loose the focus of Dispensationalism.

It is apparent that the ‘new’ has not brought us to a better place from whence it was that we first ventured forth and as far as this author is concerned it has failed to meet the standard definition for progress. Does it enhance the progressive unfolding of God’s revelation of Himself or does it recycle older ideas in new packaging? Progressive… perhaps we are not as advanced as we have come to believe that we are?

R. Riggs

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