Normally, the Ministry Minute is about ministering to others or getting closer to God for yourself so that you can comfort others with the comfort by which you, yourselves, have been comforted… and maybe that is what this is all about. I know some stories of folks who have lost everything by criminals masquerading on-line, sometimes as government officials. At tax time when many people are doing their taxes on-line, it is a very dangerous time, particularly for those who are not ‘computer literate’. If you are having difficulty or you know someone who might struggle or be an easy target for these scam artists, consider it your ministry to help them avoid becoming a victim to this horrible crime. So, with that in mind, I want to share with you about a company in which I believe. They have helped me and I trust that they can help you too. No, I am not a paid endorser, I get only the satisfaction of knowing that maybe this will help some of you if you listen and read carefully.

LifeLock, a company that I trust with all of my personal and business information has some great tips for all those who are concerned with cyber-crime and the identity theft that happens so easily through the computer. At tax time, LifeLock has some expert advice for its members. Here is the introduction they have and I would strongly encourage you to take advantage of their services whenever possible. It is definitely affordable and certainly less expensive than correcting the mess of identity theft, particularly if the bad guys have raised up large amounts of debt for you. Always remember that unless you remove personal information from your computer, such as when you are doing your taxes, leaving that information stored on there is asking someone to steal it from you. We have alerted you before that scams on the internet usually start when someone approaches you on-line and claims to be someone they are not and asks for information. Do not respond to requests for information from someone claiming to be with the IRS or whomever. You make contact with the IRS directly to see if someone is trying to steal your information. will get you to where you need to be. Here is what LifeLock has to say, please follow their advice and check them out as a company for your own protection before your retirement dreams become a nightmare.

Tax season is the time of year when people work diligently to fulfill their obligations to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It’s also when aggressive identity thieves target unsuspecting taxpayers to steal Social Security numbers and fraudulently file tax returns and claim refunds.

Knowing how to manage your sensitive information and identify when you’ve been targeted can help proactively protect your identity.


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