Social media, the busy-body spinster of the millennial age, spreads news faster than even my mother used to (but no, I am not calling my departed mother a busy-body spinster!) We used to say the fastest way to get news out was to telephone, telegraph or tell-r-mom! The morning of Nov. 15, we found proof for us locally that one addition to our ‘tela’ list is tela-Facebook! The fiasco involved a report of an active shooter at the federal building in Canton, Ohio. It stemmed apparently from an alarm set off from inside the building and although there was no confirmation of an actual shooter, the massive police response outside had everyone all aghast and panicking on-line. Posts of “my daughter and son-in-law are in there!” and other such private concerns that are immediately blasted on social media for all to see were the order of the day!

Drama driving emotions, which are over the top, act as flames fanned by everyone who desire to get noticed for a few minutes. These are regular Facebook fare. No one stopped to consider the nature of the federal building. Armed federal agents meet anyone entering the building and there stands a state-of-the-art metal detector that you must pass through before going into the court area. If someone gets to someplace like Social Security because you can get there without the body scan, armed private security is standing there as well. It may be possible to get a shooter inside but the amount of damage that could be done is very limited. Rather then bemoaning that the police response is blocking the roads or that neighboring buildings are keeping people inside, the general public should be pleased at the effective response and its speed.

There is another area of our society in which drama drives emotions and, sadly, some who claim to be in the business of protecting others are fanning the flames to make a name for themselves or to make an extra buck. Training for the unlikely event of an active shooter has become the feed of less scrupulous companies or, at least, the unwise. They hunt for schools, churches or other areas where there is a need but those doing the hiring aren’t prepared to properly vet the “trainers”.

The probabilities of your child ever having to face an active shooter are very small. There a few true shooters, regardless of how some sites quantify a ‘school shooter.’ If you think about the number of schools in our county and multiply that by the number of schools in Ohio and those nationally, the number of actual shootings are even smaller. Should we prepare the kids, just in case? Absolutely, just as we do for fires, tornadoes or… back in my day, for nuclear attack!

However, school boards need to vet the people who are coming in to do active shooter training. I personally know of one company whose owner brags to everyone about his combat exploits and highly secretive training with the military even though he was NEVER in the military. He also has stolen from a client he was hired to protect but that, too, got white-washed away to protect the ‘security expert’ who hired him. That guy is now hired to “protect’ an entire school system in a southern Ohio county. That guy, I am afraid, is just the tip of the iceberg.

Recent stories coming to us in the media about the bizarre, if not harmful or even criminally negligent methods being used by “experts” is horrifying. Some examples:

A SURPRISE active shooter drill so no one in the school, no teachers or staff knew it was a drill and here come the bad guys! Let’s terrify the children. Or, the one where the ‘role-player’ made an elementary school child call her mom on the cellphone and tell her good-bye – for real! Then we have the student who was put into a kneeling position for execution and the students had to watch him go through this horrific ‘exercise’! Don’t forget the copious amounts of fake blood pouring from the ‘victims.’ Some of these exercises are being done on small children and I, for one in the field of law enforcement and security training for over 45 years, can tell you this is stuff straight off the stable floor! The companies that pull this kind of garbage should be criminally charged with child endangering. I am completely serious about that. They should lose their licenses, if they even bothered to get one and the school faculty that hired them without previewing what they intended to do should be disciplined accordingly.

What is the key element missing from both these stories, common sense. I have become known for using movie lines in my posts and here fits another one. From the first Men in Black as ‘K’ played by Tommy Lee Jones tells James, later ‘J’ (Will Smith) about the aliens visiting earth and James wants to know why people aren’t just told about it, why was it being kept secret. K replied, “A *person* is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it.”  I don’t know I would go quite as far as Tommy Lee Jones does, but if you wonder if that could be true, take an hour and read some FB posts and you will know that common sense has left the building. (My posts excepted, of course!)

Even two-headed aliens know when it’s best to close their mouth1

A Battle for the Soul of America

Rev. Ross L. Riggs, D. Min.

Maintain the peace, settle disputes between nations in a ‘civilized way’ and prevent war from ever happening again, on such broad a scale and so horrifically – these were clear cut directives for an  organization that was to have broad sweeping powers to make it happen. There was only one small problem – they had a little tribunal and no one came. Just like the old adage, ‘locks are only good for keeping out honest people’; the same was true for stopping war… the only ones that want to play by the rules were going to play by the rules even without this new organization. Those who were not so inclined to play by the rest of the world’s standards didn’t.

This new instrument of peace could call offending nations into their headquarters and tell them to make nice. If that did not work, there could be economic sanctions, which would require the member nations to agree to not send money, food, etc. to pressure the citizens to oust their unrepentant leaders. Failing that, military force could be used, except there was no military. The two nations that might be able to send military to police the sanctions had neither the money nor the manpower to do it.

Perhaps the saddest of all was the founder and president of this new body designed to respectfully work out the problems of the world lead the only major country in the world that refused to join. I refer, of course, to the League of Nations founded by none other than American President Woodrow Wilson who held a little conference and his own countrymen said, “No.” Western Europe and the Communist regimes that came to power in the first decades of the 20th century on the tails of violent and bloody WWI and revolutions were to grow stronger and more ruthless as time went on and America became more an isolationist. America’s farm boys had come home and that is where their families wanted them to stay. They were hoping to leave the rest of the world, (at least that on the far side of the globe­), to their own machinations.

With such a shabby foundation from which to grow, it is no wonder that today’s United Nations is anything other than what is. Now we have sanctions against human atrocities handed out by a Human Rights Commission headed by the worst offenders, most demonically influenced in the world. They continually seek the sanctioning, isolation and the eventual destruction of Israel and Jerusalem. At a time when the world needs leadership that knows what is right, adheres to the prescripts of fundamental Christian theology, utilizes the Bible as the only rule of faith and practice; instead, America has perhaps the single worst president in two full centuries not excepting Woodrow Wilson.

It is no longer an issue of Democrat versus Republican philosophies. It has become Marxist Socialism versus the entire American way of life. Failure to stop the current path America is on with this next election is certainly to draw the U.S. to the precipice of the Fall of the American Empire. What it took patriotic Americans over two hundred years to build by the grace of God and with His blessing; this atheistic socialism is at the heart of a movement that is lead by a calculating group of people who could dismantle America in less than a quarter century, turning her back on God.

The League of Nations was an experiment in finding ways for civilized society to discuss their issues without resorting to full scale war. That particular experiment failed, though many who guided its institution were eager to do good for humanity. The U.N. on the other hand, however, has always been a tool of the power hungry to grab more power, to eliminate any who stand in their way and under the guise of food to the poor and policing the world’s war zones, has turned to feeding the armies of their oppressive regimes and attempting the wholesale obliteration of groups of people who stand in their way. (Bosnia Herzegovina mid-1990’s)

If America and the world ever needed godly men to step into positions of leadership it is now. If America ever needed to be humble before the God of creation, it is now. If individual families ever needed God-fearing fathers and mothers, it is now. If America ever needed to stand with Israel, it is now.

Just these last two weeks have seen movement by the newly, ‘re-elected’ (probably Czar for Life), Vladimir Putin begin to put additional pressure on the nation of Israel and show Russia’s support for Iran and its involvement in Syria. Putin will be traveling to Tel Aviv to most likely send a message of, ‘don’t you dare strike Iran’ while at the same time telling Syria to get its house in order. Already he has hosted Ahmadinejad in Moscow. He is up to something sinister and as the enemies of Israel begin to circle like vultures, just as in the days of Habakkuk, Christians can rest assured that God is on His throne and He will do something in our day that we would not believe it, even if it were told to us!

I propose, as I believe the biblical principles would support the following:                                      

We must be aware of all that is going on around us.

As Americans we should consider what good would become of us removing a seat of Satan from our land as it even now, I believe, sits in Manhattan. I believe that God would honor us evicting the U.N. from our shores.

We must resist the dealings of our current Secretary of State to seek the disarming of U.S. citizens of even basic firearms as assured us in our Constitution by her use of U.N. legislation to outlaw and supersede our own Bill of Rights.

We must be wary of case law in places like Michigan federal courts that are allowing Sharia law to be considered in the adjudication of cases, subverting our own Constitution’s ban on other sources of law being utilized against American citizens.

We must be alert to legislation as recently considered in Indiana that would allow a homeowner to shoot a police officer the homeowner ‘believes’ is breaking the law by entering his home. Current law already provides remedies for the unauthorized use of search and seizure authority. A false scare about ‘rogue cops’ is a false front used to cover another agenda behind this legislation.

We, as Americans, must stand with Israel.

We must stand in support of our military and not permit un-American agendas and unwise decisions to pull our troops out of current military actions because it is politically expedient; knowing it could cause both future casualties to increase and cause those who have fallen to have fallen in vain.

As Christians and Americans, we must call our families back to the altar of worship of the One True God.

Fathers, as Christians and Americans, we must lead our families as Christ would have us do.

Mothers, as Christians and Americans, we must teach our children what it means to be both.

Students, as Christians and Americans, we must seek to be the best educated, most competitive workforce in the world to bring our economy back to where it can be, for today and tomorrow.

As churches, we must follow biblical principles to care for the true widows and orphans; to seek to employ men and women of the household of faith; to care for one another, giving preference to one another, for this is of God and in so doing we can end the welfare state in the United States.

As Christians and Americans, we must speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. We must stand up for those who cannot stand for themselves. We must put an end to abortion and begin to call on all Americans to honor God by caring for His children from conception to old age.

There rages around us a battle for the soul of America. As Christians and Americans we must exercise our vote.

There rages around us a battle for the souls of our families, we must put on the full armor of God and be prepared for spiritual warfare.

Americans who are Christians and Christians who happen to be Americans, the time for sleep and slumber is over, it is time to rise up and be heard, be counted. Now and forever may His Name be always on our lips in prayer and in praise.

May we bless God and humbly beseech Him that He might again, bless America.                              

Rev. Ross L. Riggs

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