Author:   Moses


God’s Provision

His Righteous Anger and Holiness

God’s Grace

His Faithfulness

God Supports His Servants

  1. The timing of the story of Exodus
    1. 1438 -1398 B.C.
    2. Begins and Ends with a Census
  2. Major Themes
    1. Recurring complaints
    2. Judgments
    3. Forgiveness
    4. Complaints…
  3. Biblical Principle Application
    1. Our ability to complain about our circumstances is inversely proportional to how we see the holiness and stature of our God
    2. The less we honor God for His majestic sovereign power ~ The more we feel free to complain about how God is caring for us



The following chart is from the Bible Knowledge Commentary, LOGOS Library

Israelites at Mt Sinai
(Num 1:1-10:10)

1st Census (at Mt Sinai) Num 1
Camp Arrangement Num 2
The Levite Clans Num 3
The Levite Duties Num 4
Various Laws Num 5
Nazarite Vows Num 6:1-21
Priests Bless the Israelites Num 6:22-27
Tabernacle Dedication (12 Days) Num 7
The Levites are Set Apart to God Num 8
2nd Passover (at Mt Sinai) Num 9:1-14
The Cloud Over the Tabernacle Num 9:15-23
2 Silver Trumpets Num10:1-10

In the Desert of Paran
(Num 10:11-15:41)

Israelites Leave Mt Sinai Num 10:11-36
Fire Sent Down at Taberah Num 11:1-3
The Quail & the Plague Num 11:4-35
Miriam & Aaron Oppose Moses Num 12
The 12 Scouts Explore Canaan Num 13
Rebellion at Kadesh Num 14
Additional Offerings Num 15:1-31
A Sabbath-breaker is Stoned Num 15:32-36
Tassles on Garments Num 15:37-41

Israelites Wander in the Desert for 40 Years
(Num 16-20)

Korah’s Rebellion Num 16
Budding of Aaron’s Staff Num 17
Priests’ Duties & Offerings Num 18
Ashes of the Red Heifer Num 19
Moses Strikes the Rock at Meribah Num 20:1-13

Conquest of Edom & Moab
(Num 21-25)

Edom Denies Passage Num 20:14-21
Death of Aaron at Mt Hor Num 20:22-29
Arad Defeated at Hormah Num 21:1-3
Bronze Snake on a Pole Num 21:4-9
Journey to Maob Num 21:10-20
Sihon & Og Defeated Num 21:21-35
Balak Hires Balaam Num 22
Balaam’s 6 Oracles Num 23-24
Moab Women Seduce Israel Num 25

Preparation for Conquest of Canaan
(Num 26-36)

2nd Census (at Moab) Num 26
Zelophehad’s Daughters Appeal for an Inheritance Num 27:1-11
Joshua to Succeed Moses Num 27:12-23
Regular Offerings Num 28:1-15
Feast Offerings Num 28:16-29:40
Vows Num 30
Vengeance on the Midianites Num 31
Trans-Jordan Tribes Num 32
Summary of Israelites Journey Num 33
Canaan Boundaries Num 34
6 Cities of Refuge Num 35
Zelophehad’s Daughters Receive Their Inheritance Num 36

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