Author:   Joshua

          “God buries His dead and the work goes on.”

After the usual mourning time for the Israelites for Moses who died and who God hid his body so that Satan could not lay claim to it, Joshua instructed the Israelites to cross the Jordan.

Why would Satan want Moses’ body?

GOD gives Joshua the promises of:




The Ark crosses the flooded Jordan and everyone crosses on dry land. A picture of death with God

The  circumcision – A picture of putting off the old self

Three days they were there, picturing the resurrection

The battle of Jericho –  Rahab the harlot – a picture of a sinner saved by grace.  A  grandmother(30) to Jesus…

The walls of Jericho   30’ high, inner wall 12’ wide, outer wall 6’ wide with space between. House on the walls. (Rahab’s)  City 8 acres


Commander – Lord of the Army of Hosts – Jesus Christ pre-incarnate

                   Meets Joshua with drawn sword outside the walls of Jericho

                   Friend or Foe?

          The battle is of the Lord

                   Joshua renews the covenant at Mt. Ebal

                   The battle taken – sin at Ai – defeat because of greed

The sinners confess but consequences are stoning/fire

A trap is laid for the army of Ai and they are defeated

Gibeonites hear of Joshua’s success and use treachery

to spare their lives from the army of God

Five Ammonite kings conspire to go against the Gibeonites. Joshua comes to their aid because of their honoring their agreement. God keeps the sun still in the sky while Joshua finishes of the kings armies. The kings are conquered and beheaded.

As Joshua’s fame spreads the battles still are of the Lord.

The South then the North areas are conquered one by one. The land is divided up between the twelve tribes including the land East of the Jordan chosen by 12 the tribe of Dan and the tribes of Reuben, Gad, and Manasseh




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