Bible Study


The pages to follow are from a current Bible Study that we are

enjoying with our adult fellowship at First Baptist Church in Louisville,

Ohio! Each study will have a ‘parent page’ with this ‘Welcome’ page the

first ‘parent.’ Then our first study:

“Why Should I ?” 

studying the whole Bible for applying God’s Word to my daily life

We are beginning in Genesis and doing one book of the Bible every week. That means that in about sixty-six weeks (some time off for good behavior) we will have worked our way through the entire Bible! Will you join us? You are welcome to come on by at 9:30 on Sunday mornings, 1910 Monter Avenue Louisville, Ohio 44641 or right there from your easy chair, lean back and relax an let’s begin!

My name is Ross, a few call me Doc. If you have any questions, you can post them in the comments here and we’ll do our best as a class to answer them for you. Let us hear from you!


One thought on “Bible Study”

  1. Hello everyone. I trust (if you are from our FBC class) that you have all of the updated notes. If you do not, you can copy the basic notes from here. I can also supply you with the PowerPoint notes too if you want them. I will attempt to file the PPT ones here eventually, too. In the meantime I can email copies to you if you want them.

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