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The sun was as bright as we had seen it and the sky as blue as we had experienced since arriving in the northern city of Sopot, Poland the week before. This day was the 28th of April 2012, a date of no particular importance until mid-way through our day. It was with mixed emotions that I had asked our host to indulge our request to visit a Nazis death camp not too far from the town. The camp was named Stutthof, which was one that was not particularly familiar to me, even as a student of history.
I soon learned that Stutthof was the first concentration camp in Poland used by the Nazis to house prisoners of a political nature, the teachers, professors, doctors, the best and the brightest from the early years of the Poland calmpaign. Hitler had begun his invasion of Poland in the port ciy of Gdansk and it was in the Grand Hotel of Sopot that he kept his offices. It was not long, though, before ‘concentration’ camps were replaced in their methodology by ‘extermination camps’ with Stutthof as the principle camp, feeding other camps and directing the final solution.
In stark contrast to the sign over the Aushwitz gate that proclaimed “Arbeit Macht Frei – Work Makes One Free” the sign below at Stutthof, “Extermination through Work” declared no such reason for hope. Much has been written about life (death) in the camps; some of the most moving by survivors themselves. To quote American President, Abraham Lincoln, as he was taken aback by the sites of Gettysburg, “The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract.”

The brave who struggled at Stutthof included women and children too, of all ages. I cannot, by my words, add to what was accomplished by the 65,000 murdered at Stutthof and over double the number that went through there, most transferred to other camps.

The emphasis of the 28 April date became clear from a sign within the unit which described the medical mal-treatment and surgical experimentation that was done without anesthesia nor any method to fight infection. Our visit on 28 April was seventy years exactly from the date when a new commander was brought to the camp with some fanfare; who would serve until the camp’s liberation.


A side note, other Nazis SS that held the rank of Haupsturmfuhrer included Joseph Mengele, the butcher and Klaus Barbie the Gestapo Chief of Lyon. It was yet another indication of the barbaric nature of the treatment of all who came into the death grip of the Gestapo.

Dehumanization of the prisoners kept them at bay while it also ‘vindicated’ the men who followed orders, in their own minds, if they could see these fellow human beings as less than dogs. The sunshine, blue skies, green fields with wild flowers growing where once men, women and children huddled together dying of disease, starvation and abuse seemed God’s way of reclaiming this part of His creation. If tortured human souls could haunt their last abode of earth’s plateau, it would be in a place like this. God’s Word tells us though that souls departed from the body are either with the Lord or in Gahanna awaiting future judgment. It follows, though that the demonic forces that once worked their evil would enjoy such a place as this if God does not chose to prevent their return. I would caution any believer when visiting a place of any such atrocity to bathe the visit and themselves in prayer, before, during and after the visit. Protection from the evil one is always a good plea to make before the Throne of Grace.

The purpose here, however, is first to remind folks that, regardless of the lunacy around Holocaust denials, it did happen and civilization must remember through the stories and the faces of the heroes, both living and dead. It must be remembered through visits such as this one and the short narratives of those who chose to write about them. Jesus Christ proclaims the antithesis of Auschwitz, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” (John 8:32)

A Battle for the Soul of America

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Maintain the peace, settle disputes between nations in a ‘civilized way’ and prevent war from ever happening again, on such broad a scale and so horrifically – these were clear cut directives for an  organization that was to have broad sweeping powers to make it happen. There was only one small problem – they had a little tribunal and no one came. Just like the old adage, ‘locks are only good for keeping out honest people’; the same was true for stopping war… the only ones that want to play by the rules were going to play by the rules even without this new organization. Those who were not so inclined to play by the rest of the world’s standards didn’t.

This new instrument of peace could call offending nations into their headquarters and tell them to make nice. If that did not work, there could be economic sanctions, which would require the member nations to agree to not send money, food, etc. to pressure the citizens to oust their unrepentant leaders. Failing that, military force could be used, except there was no military. The two nations that might be able to send military to police the sanctions had neither the money nor the manpower to do it.

Perhaps the saddest of all was the founder and president of this new body designed to respectfully work out the problems of the world lead the only major country in the world that refused to join. I refer, of course, to the League of Nations founded by none other than American President Woodrow Wilson who held a little conference and his own countrymen said, “No.” Western Europe and the Communist regimes that came to power in the first decades of the 20th century on the tails of violent and bloody WWI and revolutions were to grow stronger and more ruthless as time went on and America became more an isolationist. America’s farm boys had come home and that is where their families wanted them to stay. They were hoping to leave the rest of the world, (at least that on the far side of the globe­), to their own machinations.

With such a shabby foundation from which to grow, it is no wonder that today’s United Nations is anything other than what is. Now we have sanctions against human atrocities handed out by a Human Rights Commission headed by the worst offenders, most demonically influenced in the world. They continually seek the sanctioning, isolation and the eventual destruction of Israel and Jerusalem. At a time when the world needs leadership that knows what is right, adheres to the prescripts of fundamental Christian theology, utilizes the Bible as the only rule of faith and practice; instead, America has perhaps the single worst president in two full centuries not excepting Woodrow Wilson.

It is no longer an issue of Democrat versus Republican philosophies. It has become Marxist Socialism versus the entire American way of life. Failure to stop the current path America is on with this next election is certainly to draw the U.S. to the precipice of the Fall of the American Empire. What it took patriotic Americans over two hundred years to build by the grace of God and with His blessing; this atheistic socialism is at the heart of a movement that is lead by a calculating group of people who could dismantle America in less than a quarter century, turning her back on God.

The League of Nations was an experiment in finding ways for civilized society to discuss their issues without resorting to full scale war. That particular experiment failed, though many who guided its institution were eager to do good for humanity. The U.N. on the other hand, however, has always been a tool of the power hungry to grab more power, to eliminate any who stand in their way and under the guise of food to the poor and policing the world’s war zones, has turned to feeding the armies of their oppressive regimes and attempting the wholesale obliteration of groups of people who stand in their way. (Bosnia Herzegovina mid-1990’s)

If America and the world ever needed godly men to step into positions of leadership it is now. If America ever needed to be humble before the God of creation, it is now. If individual families ever needed God-fearing fathers and mothers, it is now. If America ever needed to stand with Israel, it is now.

Just these last two weeks have seen movement by the newly, ‘re-elected’ (probably Czar for Life), Vladimir Putin begin to put additional pressure on the nation of Israel and show Russia’s support for Iran and its involvement in Syria. Putin will be traveling to Tel Aviv to most likely send a message of, ‘don’t you dare strike Iran’ while at the same time telling Syria to get its house in order. Already he has hosted Ahmadinejad in Moscow. He is up to something sinister and as the enemies of Israel begin to circle like vultures, just as in the days of Habakkuk, Christians can rest assured that God is on His throne and He will do something in our day that we would not believe it, even if it were told to us!

I propose, as I believe the biblical principles would support the following:                                      

We must be aware of all that is going on around us.

As Americans we should consider what good would become of us removing a seat of Satan from our land as it even now, I believe, sits in Manhattan. I believe that God would honor us evicting the U.N. from our shores.

We must resist the dealings of our current Secretary of State to seek the disarming of U.S. citizens of even basic firearms as assured us in our Constitution by her use of U.N. legislation to outlaw and supersede our own Bill of Rights.

We must be wary of case law in places like Michigan federal courts that are allowing Sharia law to be considered in the adjudication of cases, subverting our own Constitution’s ban on other sources of law being utilized against American citizens.

We must be alert to legislation as recently considered in Indiana that would allow a homeowner to shoot a police officer the homeowner ‘believes’ is breaking the law by entering his home. Current law already provides remedies for the unauthorized use of search and seizure authority. A false scare about ‘rogue cops’ is a false front used to cover another agenda behind this legislation.

We, as Americans, must stand with Israel.

We must stand in support of our military and not permit un-American agendas and unwise decisions to pull our troops out of current military actions because it is politically expedient; knowing it could cause both future casualties to increase and cause those who have fallen to have fallen in vain.

As Christians and Americans, we must call our families back to the altar of worship of the One True God.

Fathers, as Christians and Americans, we must lead our families as Christ would have us do.

Mothers, as Christians and Americans, we must teach our children what it means to be both.

Students, as Christians and Americans, we must seek to be the best educated, most competitive workforce in the world to bring our economy back to where it can be, for today and tomorrow.

As churches, we must follow biblical principles to care for the true widows and orphans; to seek to employ men and women of the household of faith; to care for one another, giving preference to one another, for this is of God and in so doing we can end the welfare state in the United States.

As Christians and Americans, we must speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. We must stand up for those who cannot stand for themselves. We must put an end to abortion and begin to call on all Americans to honor God by caring for His children from conception to old age.

There rages around us a battle for the soul of America. As Christians and Americans we must exercise our vote.

There rages around us a battle for the souls of our families, we must put on the full armor of God and be prepared for spiritual warfare.

Americans who are Christians and Christians who happen to be Americans, the time for sleep and slumber is over, it is time to rise up and be heard, be counted. Now and forever may His Name be always on our lips in prayer and in praise.

May we bless God and humbly beseech Him that He might again, bless America.                              

Rev. Ross L. Riggs

When Is It Murder?

Rev. Ross L. Riggs, D. Min.            Riggs Ministry Minute    www.docriggs.com         15 March 2012

Perhaps it is appropriate that today is March 15th. You may recall that the oracle warned Julius Caesar to “Beware the ides of March” and that it was on this day in 44 B.C. that he was murdered by Brutus and Cassius while in the Roman Senate[i]. Surrounded by co-conspirators, he was stabbed 23 times with daggers. So, today, we should ‘beware the ides of March’ because of the horrendous story well reported this past week in the Weekly Standard.[ii]

Vincenzo Camuccini, Mort de César, 1798


The title of the article being reviewed from the Journal of Medical Ethics was “After-birth Abortion: Why should the baby live?” written by Alberto Giuilini and Francesca Minerva. It was an essay on the logical understanding as to when a ‘post-birth abortion’ can be legitimized. Some examples are: any type of deformity or mental defect, non-mentally disruptive physical appearance issues, or when the mother’s circumstances have changed so that it is no longer the mother’s desire to keep the child.

The option of adopting the child to a family willing to take him or her was contemplated logically, too.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       It was reasoned by these two ‘medical ethicists’ that this option was not good for the mother’s mental health. The issue, in this case, was that the loss of the child would never have closure. The birth mother could always be wondering if the child might someday seek her out and then there would be a renewal of relationship. In the eyes of the Journal of Medical Ethics, this was not a viable option so the child could be killed because with death comes closure.

The authors did stress that it was important for the ‘termination of life’ to take place as soon as possible after birth so as to  prevent the child of reaching a mental state where it has a ‘sense’ that it has a life and therefore has some ability to know what it would be like to be deprived of it. They went on to say that the same is true for some animals. Once they have reached a stage of development where they sense that they exist within a relationship with others, then their death is inappropriate. Oh… and as to when a child actually develops this sense of awareness there is currently no way of knowing. That argument seems to reaffirm that the child does have life, it’s just its own sense of that life hasn’t developed so it is okay to end the life. Basically, the child would never know what it is missing.

Under extreme pressure from those who wrote in to voice their horror or disbelief in this stance by supposed medical professionals. The authors posted more of an explanation than an apology. Their response was basically that they were sorry for the outpouring of emotional letters because truly the article was meant for medical ethics professionals who would understand the logic of the concept and not meant for the unwashed masses who could never grasp such high topics.

I suppose they are right. I don’t get it. To me, it’s just murder.

[ii] Ferguson, Andrew Declaring War on Newborns, The Weekly Standard, March 19 2012 pp 12-13



Normally, the Ministry Minute is about ministering to others or getting closer to God for yourself so that you can comfort others with the comfort by which you, yourselves, have been comforted… and maybe that is what this is all about. I know some stories of folks who have lost everything by criminals masquerading on-line, sometimes as government officials. At tax time when many people are doing their taxes on-line, it is a very dangerous time, particularly for those who are not ‘computer literate’. If you are having difficulty or you know someone who might struggle or be an easy target for these scam artists, consider it your ministry to help them avoid becoming a victim to this horrible crime. So, with that in mind, I want to share with you about a company in which I believe. They have helped me and I trust that they can help you too. No, I am not a paid endorser, I get only the satisfaction of knowing that maybe this will help some of you if you listen and read carefully.

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Tax season is the time of year when people work diligently to fulfill their obligations to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It’s also when aggressive identity thieves target unsuspecting taxpayers to steal Social Security numbers and fraudulently file tax returns and claim refunds.

Knowing how to manage your sensitive information and identify when you’ve been targeted can help proactively protect your identity.


When You Know How Far Is Too Far

A MINISTRY MINUTE ~ Rev. Ross L. Riggs, D. Min.

The Supreme Court of Canada is scheduled to issue a ruling this year on a case that began in 1997 The Human Rights Tribunal versus Hugh Owens. Owens was charged in 1997 for “exposing homosexuals to hatred or ridicule.” The complaint stemmed from an advertisement taken out by Owens and published in the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix. Under the original complaint the court fined Owens and the paper $9,000.00 which the Star-Phoenix paid but Owens appealed. In 2002 the Court of Queen’s Bench upheld his conviction and in 2006 the Court of Appeals reversed the decision. The ‘Human Rights Commission’ then appealed and that is how the case has gone to the Supreme Court. Now the decision is being readied by the Supreme Court fifteen years later.

What is the point of this story? First, we need to remember that the story here is: 1) true and 2) not an anomaly but it is becoming the rule and not the exception. The article that Mr. Owens wrote that was published in the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix that cost the Star-Phoenix $9,000 and Mr. Owens fifteen years and who knows how much money in legal fees follows here: (this is an exact quote and is the complete advertisement)

                                        Romans 1:26

                                        Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13

                                        1 Corinthians 6:9[i]

Now we, as a society, can know how far is too far. If we want to know where the line is that we should never cross is to simply look behind us!

[i] Steyn, Mark The Church of Big Government The National Review, March 5, 2012