Beautiful Feet

Very few of us would declare our own feet to be beautiful. For the most part, feet are one of the parts of the body that get the most abuse. They do much of the heavy work and they often do it for hours at a time without any rest. They are shoved into ill-fitting shoes at odd angles and then driven like plow horses through wet clay ground. Still, Isaiah and then, later, Paul (writing to the Romans, quoting Isaiah), found that feet, specific feet, are beautiful. Paul’s words are recorded this way in Romans 10:15 by the NKJV:

“How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, who bring glad tidings of good things!”

Isaiah spoke of the good news of salvation as the message brought by one whose feet are beautiful.

It has been proclaimed in these pages several times how, out of the mouths of babes… it is possible to be driven to a spiritual insight that can provoke some pretty deep introspection! It happened again just yesterday at my granddaughter Scarlett’s 4th birthday party. Her cousin, Annabelle, also four, saw something she could not recall ever having seen before. Her ol’ papaw in shorts! I hope she is not permanently damaged by the site! Then, she noticed that papaw was not only wearing shorts, he was wearing sandals! To see papaw not in long pants and cowboy boots was a spectacle with which she struggled to cope for a moment or two.

Then, in a four-year-old little loving girl fashion she declared: “You have sandals just like God’s!” I quipped that God and I were very good friends and that it would make sense that we had sandals that were alike. She pushed it further. “No, papaw! I mean you have sandals just like what God wears!”

God's sandals.jpg

I could not shake the observation of this very bright four-year-old. If I truly am a friend of God’s, then I should have sandals like His. More importantly, I should have beautiful feet like God has! I should have feet like the Apostle Paul described! For the rest of that day and early this morning, I am hard pressed to say that my feet really do measure up to beautiful; but, with His help and a little reminder from my grandchildren from time-to-time, perhaps they will grow even more beautiful as the days progress. At least, I pray that they do!

Author: docriggs

I am so very blessed. My life goal continues to be a Christ-follower in every way. Of course, my family provides so much support and special people such a M have been huge in bringing my spirits where I can fight!I have over 45 years experience internationally with crisis intervention, law enforcement and military experience, contingency planning and security consulting. I began battling a terminal illness, Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis in February 2021. I’m chronicling my adventure on here through the page titled Voyages of the Starship GENESIS Two Seven. Come on board!

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