Congress Shall Make No Law…

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” but what if the Vice President wants to convene many religious leaders on the White House grounds and their use the bully pulpit to direct them what they should tell their congregants? What if that same Vice President uses that same venue  to pray with them at the same time apparently inflicting God’s Name on the administration’s fight to limit the Constitutional Right of U.S. Citizens to “keep and bear arms” which the 2nd Amendment holds is necessary for the “security of a free state”, could that be somewhat in conflict with the purpose of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution itself?

VP Biden Is there no realm into which this administration will not reach to forward its socialistic and liberal agenda? What is the purpose of religious leaders in the United States? Is it to teach what the Bible teaches? Is it to lead their flocks to become more like Christ? Is it to be an arm of a liberal government to promote the socialist agenda pushing it onto their congregants? When religious leaders are summoned to the White House should they arrive expecting that they are chosen to be pawns in the administrations international politics to advance the agenda of the United Nations? Should they accept such an assignment from men who hold authority regardless of how that authority is misused?

How should the congregants react toward their pastoral leaders when they find out that those leaders have been instructed by at best irreligious politicos on what they are to say from their pulpits? Is that something that a congregant should accept? Where should the congregant place their trust? Do they come to a church service to worship and to receive instruction from God’s Word or to receive a ‘paid political programming’ from those same people they have given authority to lead their church with spiritual doctrine?

Should we applaud Joe Biden for being ecumenical? According to “The Blaze AP” VP Biden met with more than a dozen religious leaders that included “Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh” with both Evangelicals and Catholics.

What we should do, certainly, is adopt as persons who are sitting in various church pews across the nation to adopt the motto of ancient Rome, ‘caveat emptor’ – let the buyer beware. Just because the message is coming to you from a pulpit doesn’t particularly mean it originated from Holy doctrine or spiritual study. It may be noting more than a paid political advertisement.

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