Author:   Samuel (or a contemporary of his 1050-1000 BC)

Judges 1:1-2:5  and  Judges 2:6-3:6 are both introductory,  background type of material with the chronology and events f Judges beginning at 2:10 are events that certainly took place after Joshua’s death.

Note: Joshua’s death is recorded twice, first at the opening of the book “After the death of Joshua” and later in 2:6-10 where it is described more fully. (His death had been recorded in Joshua 24:29-31) There are three explanations as to how the book of Judges begins with ‘After the death…” and then a chapter plus later describes his death. The simplest and what seems clearest to me at least, is that usually the first sentence carries the title of the book, so the book of Judges may    have been named the book    titled,          “After the Death of Joshua” and then goes on to tell the events leading up to his death… Work out for yourselves how important this statement is for understanding the book… so we won’t focus on it further

Israel was living as a group of twelve separate tribes, not really a united nation but still a theocracy (God ruling) over all. God used special men and women over this period of time to bring His messages of judgment on the tribes. Over this period there were twelve judges, not one per tribe, just that   there happened to be twelve of them. (Abimelech is not included, not God appointed.)


the characteristics of the period of the judges (21:25)21:25. The Book of Judges concludes with a final restatement of human failure concerning the moral and social anarchy of this period which preceded the monarchy. As stated three times before, Israel had no king (cf. 17:6; 18:1; 19:1). The fact that everyone did as he wished is a sad commentary on the deplorable spiritual condition of the nation in those days. Though Israel suffered under the oppression of many enemies, God’s grace was repeatedly evident when the people turned to Him in repentance. The Book of Judges illustrates both God’s justice and His grace—justice in punishing sin and grace in forgiving sin.


Judges 2:8-23

The story in summary





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