2 Kings

2 Kings


A “Ross-Notes” (Cliff was sick today) of 2 Kings:

Chapter 1

Moab rebels against Israel at death of Ahab – Jehoshaphat reigns in Judah

Ahaziah falls through his porch and lies dying – seeks prophet of Beelzebub but gets Elijah – 50 x 2 plus leaders are toasted; third leader asks nice – Elijah tells Ahaziah you will die; he dies – his son Jehoram becomes king; so now Judah has a king Jehoram and Israel has a king Jehoram…

Chapter 2 Elijah and Elisha; Elisha knows Elijah to be taken to heaven one day; Elijah tests him three times trying to get him to stay at a town while he goes on, but Elisha stays with him. E2 asks for a double portion of HS that E1 has… E1 says that if you see me taken up then it shall be; if not, you missed it. E2 does see E1 taken up in a chariot of fire, expects there will be a play and musical of the same name someday; E2 becomes E1.5; He uses mantel to separate river waters to cross over. Other prophets see it and vow service to him.

In a city of bad water and dry land E1.5 heals the water by using salt but pronounces it is God who has healed the waters and the land shall be arid no more and will be fertile. Going up to Bethel several kids taunt E1.5 (call him baldy); he sends two bears from the woods to eat the 42 children! Whew what a temper!

Chapter 3

Jehoram is king in Israel in 18th year of Jehoshaphat king in Judah and he reigns 12 years, badly. but his son Jehoram will become king and there will be Jehorameventually

However, at this point Moab had been giving Samaria -Ahaziah 200,000 lambs and goats but when he died, they quit so Jehoram gets the king of Edom and Jehoshaphat to go up against Moab. Sensing danger they seek out Elisha. He says if it were for Jehosophat being with them he would have said nothing to them…  he tells them that the land will be filled with water and that they will be victorious … in the morning when the water comes and sun shines, Moabites think the water is blood, that the kings have killed each other so they spring at them and lose big time. They are beating them so badly the king

2 Kings


of Moab takes his first born son and sacrifices him on the wall. This disgusts the three kings so badly, they go home.



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