Celebration of Light in a Dark World

This past Wednesday, (Dec. 21st) was the beginning of Hanukkah, the celebration of lights in the Jewish faith. I find it interesting that the 21st and the 22nd are also the two shortest days, thus longest nights of the year. The Winter Solstice was Thursday Dec. 22nd, when the longest night ushers in the beginning of the lengthening of days that will lead us to spring. Having worked as a street police officer on midnight shift for well over a decade before I became a Chief of Police, I saw many dawns. Night time is truly darkest just before dawn and the Winter Solstice, the darkest of the winter nights in the Northern Hemisphere, begins the ushering in of new light. Just as Hanukkah celebrates the miracle of light, it reflects our celebration in the Christian faith of the Light which is Christ born into an extremely dark world.
The darkness that enshrouds Israel today in the threats of nuclear attack by Iran has spurred the Jerusalem Post to title an article, “Tis the Season for the Church to Support Israel”. In his blog, Joel Rosenberg writes, “… despite this rapidly growing threat, Panetta – and, more importantly, President Obama – are refusing to take decisive measures to neutralize the Iranian nuclear threat and help the Iranian people overthrow the evil regime in Tehran.”
We must follow biblical mandate that the nations who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed. If the President’s heart remains hardened to the work of the Holy Spirit, may God remove him from power and allow leaders that will support Israel and will aid in removing the threat of a nuclear Iran to take his position. Joel quoted Solomon, Psalm 29:2; “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice.” Pray for the peace of Israel and I commend to you Joel’s blog to learn more about the work of the Joshua Fund.


Author: docriggs

I am so very blessed. My life goal continues to be a Christ-follower in every way. Of course, my family provides so much support and special people such a M have been huge in bringing my spirits where I can fight!I have over 45 years experience internationally with crisis intervention, law enforcement and military experience, contingency planning and security consulting. I began battling a terminal illness, Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis in February 2021. I’m chronicling my adventure on here through the page titled Voyages of the Starship GENESIS Two Seven. Come on board!

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